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I'm Louis Altazan, president of AGCO Automotive, diagnosis, maintenance and repair service of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I think most people coming to agcoauto.com are seeking honest answers for automotive repair problems.

Here is how AGCO Automotive can help:

For unbiased advice on diagnosis, maintenance and repair, there are three searchable auto repair data bases:

When should I replace my engine coolantFor those who love details, that is exactly what agcoauto is all about. Check the AGCO business philosophy and decide for yourself. Please start with our article, Why AGCO achieves superior results, and browse from there.

We also have categories on Frame and Unibody Repair, Michelin Tires, Engine Diagnosis, Automatic Transmission repair and anything else your vehicle might need. We improve and add features to agcoauto.com daily, so please visit often and refer your friends.

If you do not live in the AGCO Automotive service area, we also have an article on finding a great shop in your area.


Random Automotive Tips
Tip 124, When traveling to colder climates, make sure your windshield washer fluid has an adequate freeze point. Washer fluids often used in warmer climates may freeze at 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing fluid can severely damage the washer pump(s) and other components. If in doubt, have the system emptied and refilled with a more concentrated fluid.